Sounding Off

Book Cover: Sounding Off

Redding Hanson, a rancher and a former rodeo cowboy, has received a mysterious invitation (with a big price tag attached) to visit the AirB&D for a few days. He’s expecting a little fun, maybe a couple of hot nights and some sweet memories to take back home. What Red is not expecting is his ex-lover, Kevin Morgan, the man that dumped him a few years ago just for being honest. And Red is not happy.

Kevin, a traveling freelance photographer, paid a pretty penny for a steamy long weekend with a man that is ready to experiment a little. He’s looking forward to someone fun and curious, and to not having to explain or justify his desires. So he’s beyond furious to find himself paired with Red, the very man that shamed him long ago for the things he wanted.

This time the matchmaker has knowingly opened a can of gasoline and handed his guests a book of matches. Will being together again start a lasting fire between Red and Kevin, or will they burn the gorgeous vacation home to the ground?

Publisher: Tygerseye Publishign LLC
Cover Artists:
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