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Jonathan Bills is a happy guy. He walked away from family commitments he knew he could never live up to, he’s got his dream job as a personal chef, and he has amazing friends. So if he’s getting a little too old for the kind of relationship he really wants, then he’s going to work on being content with what he has. Until an old flame turns up when he least expects it, and in his inner circle of all places, where Jon would never expect to see the man.

When Rush Devlin goes to his first get together with the group from the Playground, he’s shocked to run into Jonathan, the volatile one who got away so many years ago. He’s confused by the changes Jon has made in his life, but he’s also impressed. Rush is also older and wiser these days, and it turns out that Jon is just the kind of lover he’s been hoping to find, and to take care of.

They blew up in spectacular fashion years ago, so how will Rush convince Jon that they’re perfect for each other now, and that he’s not looking for a much younger man to fill his needs?

New Release: Bells & Whistles

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Winston Young stumbles upon the Playground bookstore while looking for a birthday gift for a friend, and running into a lovely and unusual employee there makes it feel like fate. Mickey’s flamboyant dress and shy smile make him a delightful mix of elfish and vulnerable, and despite a bad relationship with a young man in the past, Winston thinks Mickey might be the boy he needs.

Mickey Jordan is used to living in a big warehouse with a bunch of artists and not very much privacy. When Winston takes him home, he knows he could get used to the kind of care Winston offers, but he’s determined to pay his own way.

Winston is still trying to find a middle ground for them when the dangerous side of Mickey’s bohemian lifestyle catches up with him. After a frantic search for Mickey and a few days in the hospital, Winston decides it’s time to make Mickey his, to be his Daddy and keep him safe, and he’s determined to make Mickey understand what Winston believes he needs. Can the free spirit and the older man find the balance they need to make a life together?

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Cary Lederman reads a lot more these days, ever since he discovered the Playground, a great LGBTQ bookstore with an intriguing young owner. He only ducked in to get out of the rain the first time, but now along with his new reading habit he has someone to watch. Or watch over.

Benjamin Harrison is starting over after tragedy changes his life in Texas and becomes too much to bear. In Boston, he pours his heart and soul into his bookstore and the sparkly, comfortable apartment above it. When his deal to rent part of his store as a coffee shop falls through, though, Benjamin isn’t sure how much longer his dream will last.

Cary impulsively offers to fund and run the coffee shop because he knows he’s found exactly what he desires, mainly in Benjamin. The boy is all jangled nerves and confusion, and Cary loves to be the kind of Daddy who gives his boy guidance as well as showering him with love. Will Cary be just the kind of man Benjamin needs and never knew how to ask for?

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Giles Martin is tired of feeling like he’s not real. He might be a successful author, but he hasn’t had the best track record with love. After all, his ex, who is also his agent, is the one who arranges his fantasy weekend with a Daddy at the AirB&D. How pathetic is that? And worse, he needs a man equipped to handle his issues and his Daddy turns out to be younger. Much younger.

Lake Lewis knows he’s younger than his fantasy boy expected him to be, but he knows what he wants, and he thinks his weekend with Giles is going to be epic. He’s not exactly sure how to unpack all of Giles’s baggage, but he’s confident he can help his boy feel real. In fact, Lake comes to feel like Giles might be the one person in his life who actually needs him.

How will Lake convince Giles that age is just a number, and that the matchmaker never makes a mistake?

Holding Rein out now!

Holding Rein, the 5th book of the Air B&D series, is out now in Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. Check it out here!

Rein Richards isn’t holding out much hope that the matchmaker can come up with a match for him, and he’s sure it’s his own fault. He has a short attention span, a temper, and a lot of baggage. He knows who he is, he desperately needs a strong man to obey, to help calm his thoughts and get his mind in order, but he just can’t seem to do anything right.

Grant Rugger has been on his own a long while because he hasn’t found a lover—a boy—that truly needs his particular brand of 24/7 attention and love. He comes to the AirB&D wanting, not the perfectly behaved man, but the perfect boy for him. Rein proves to be an enormous challenge, but is beautiful and fascinating, and one thing he knows for sure—the boy’s lack of a long-term arrangement is far from his own fault. Rein just hasn’t found anyone that has both the firm hand that he needs and enough patience to wait him out. It doesn’t take Grant long to decide he wants to be the man that Rein needs him to be. But is three days enough to build that kind of trust? Of course, the matchmaker thinks it is. And he’s always right.

Out Now! His Sweet Boy

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Sometimes it takes a little push to start over.

Texan Jon Oliver’s need to serve comes completely naturally, it’s simply a part of who he is. But he’s been alone a long time caring for his dying mother, and now that she’s gone, he’s at loose ends. Needing a strong connection, if only for a week, he spends a chunk of his inheritance for a chance at the AirB&D.

Liam Oberlin lives and works in New York City and hasn’t been anyone’s master in a very long time. He lost his lover a few years ago and doesn’t believe there’s anyone else out there who could love and serve him as completely. His week at AirB&D is a gift from an insistent friend, and although Liam is skeptical, he tries to be what Jon needs him to be.

The matchmaker’s instincts are rarely off-base. But are these two men really ready for new beginnings?

Out Now! Daddy’s Sunshine

Book 1 in the AirB&D Series is out now!

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James Lawrey is a CEO with plenty of cred in corporate circles and plenty of cash to go with it. Privately, though, he’s learned the hard way that it might be impossible to find the one thing he can’t buy–a young man to look after who wants and needs a real Daddy, not just a sugar daddy. 

Textile artist Rye Henry’s last relationship went up in flames when his ex told him it was time to grow up. Rye’s got a lucrative business of his own, so he needs a lover who isn’t going to try to change him, a Daddy who wants his true devotion.

Both men drop a pretty penny to experience a few days at the AirB&D, a swanky vacation home in Maine, for a fantasy that’s exactly what they’re looking for. Even if it only lasts one weekend.

But could they get more than their money’s worth?

Of course. Just leave it to the matchmaker.